New Medical Product Development

Leading the effort at Embrace Innovations to develop a medical product and service ecosystem around preventive health for infants in resource constrained settings. Caregivers and mothers will be empowered to fight infant illness through technology and design intervention.

BEMPU: Hypothermia Band

Need finding, validation and prototyping in neonatal healthcare space around temperature monitoring. Partnered with Ratul Narain to prototype and design a life saving hypothermia detection band - BEMPU, for infants. Value proposition is ‘Empowering the Mother'.

Community Health Project

As part of Mobile Health without Borders course by Stanford Online, few group members decided to take forward the assignment and do a pilot at a Primary Health Centre at Belgaum to help improve health care services. Research and contextual inquiry helped evolve a service model with health kiosk and mobile handset as the focal points.

Diabetes: Service Design

This project explores the underlying socio-economic environment, experience and process of treating type-2 diabetes in India for bottom of the pyramid population. Result was multiple service design concepts and low-high-tech prototypes.

Neonatal Healthcare

Research and need finding analysis in for Neonatal health care in the urban sector was carried out for issues surrounding low birth weight babies.


MedAlert is a mobile application that helps alert individuals to get localized and country wide data in advance on the rise of an epidemic. It captures data from pharmacists billing system and compares it against a pre-set threshold on the sale of particular medical drugs and artefacts to determine whether an epidemic is on the rise.

Schema As A Service

User experience for Oracle's private cloud based service 'Schema as a Service'. Outcome was a set of 250 high fidelity click through mockup screens for the administrator and the end user, represented through a story.

Neonatal Product UI

Re-designing UI for a neonatal product (low cost rural baby warmer) for Embrace. The existing UI was facing multiple issues with various stakeholders - Mothers, family members, nurses and sales-person. The UI design is critical as a wrong user action can harm the baby. The task was to make a simple, easy to understand and interpret UI which should also satisfy all the regulations and standards.

Elite Stop

User Experience for a high end job searching and job posting web portal. Outcome was high fidelity mockup flows for the job searcher and the employer, branding for ELiteStop and a visual design guide.

Welcome Page

Oracle's Enterprise Manager product (4000+ pages) lacked a much needed Welcome Page. User experience for a customized Welcome Page depending on user role and type was presented through an interactive prototype encompassing a user story.

Engineered Systems

Developed a generic UI component and related functionality to view graphical representation of Oracle's Engineered Systems (Exalogic/Exadata/Big Data/etc.) in high fidelity and logically. Outcome was a set of 75 high fidelity click through mockup screens represented through a story and vector files for the generic UI component.

Redesign Graphs and Color Palette

Redesign of existing color palette and graphs/charts for Oracle's Enterprise Manager product was undertaken as they were not consistent across the product, had accessibility issues and weren’t visually appealing in the given context. Outcome was a set of color palettes with defined context of usage, a design spec outlining the interaction with various graph types and mockup screens showing in context usage.

Expose Multimedia On Feature Pages

There are many help videos and screen casts developed by Oracle support available on youtube to help the end users learn about various features of the 4000+ page product called Enterprise Manager. The help videos were mapped to relevant feature pages and a seamless UX was developed and presented in the form of an Interactive Prototype.

Services Dashboard

User Experience for a dashboard and related flow to monitor and edit the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and its Service Level Objectives (SLO) for Oracle's Enterprise Manager product.

ICT Framework For Eng. Edu.

An ICT (Information and Communication Technology) based new framework for engineering education in India and its surrounding ecosystem has been proposed. Also, an online directory has been designed for free web based engineering content as a common resource platform to aggregate the scattered content on the web.

Trade Raid

‘TradeRaid‘ is a deck of 66 cards and 56 tokens with which 4 different games can be played for various age groups. The game play, hardware and design was developed ingeniously. A joint copyright holder for the game, it will soon be in the market (bought by a leading game manufacturer through an auction at IIT Bombay).


The challenge was to develop an interactive device based on sensory experience for a child. Aim was to remove the fear of darkness from children so that they have a good night’s sleep. A corresponding device for guardian enhances the communication channel with child.

Toy Design

Everyday we generate a lot of waste material from several sources. Right from empty containers to faulty electrical equipment, all waste material is dumped by us either in our cupboards or dustbins. If one thinks about it from a different perspective, one can design beautiful toys out of this daily waste being produced and bring life to them.

Navitas Energy

The logo and corporate identity for this bio resources company was designed after gathering requirements from stakeholders. A simple, clean and elegant commercial website was developed based on the developed theme.

Stereoscopy Experiments

Stereoscopic anaglyph posters of retro comic style were made by photographing action figures and making composite images. The entire process was documented into a report.

Book Design

Adventures of Tyrano and Trex is a series of short stories, part1 of which has been written and illustrated. Musical Donkey explores techniques in mixed media for illustrations. Go Green is about creating motifs for sustainability.