• primary health centre
  • contextual inquiry
  • houses in the village

Community Health Project

Premise: As part of Mobile Health without Borders course by Stanford Online, few group members decided to take forward the assignment and do a pilot at a Primary Health Centre at Belgaum (as one team member Dr. Mohan Sunkad is a Community Health Doctor and Professor there) to help improve health care services. Field research and contextual inquiry across health centres and hospitals in Belgaum (facilitated by Dr. Mohan Sunkad and lead by me) helped evolve a service model with health kiosk and mobile handset as the focal points.

Outcome: Working with a team that was spread across globe was a great learning experience. We held regular skype calls to discuss the findings from the ground in Belgaum and evolve the solution. Got to interact first hand with patients at the Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare workers, Doctors and Pharmacist at the PHC, Technical Head and Doctors at Multi-speciality hospital and Dean of Medical College in Belgaum. I got to lead the research initiative and facilitate the interaction with various stakeholders as mentioned above. We found an organization, K-Two (Kshema Health) solutions, which had installed and had been operating health kiosks in PHCs in Bihar and Karnataka to invited them to come, interact and have a demo session with Dean of the medical college, Chief medical officer of the PHC, Doctors and management of the medical college. The project was then handed over to the above stakeholders to take it forward.