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Engineered Systems

Premise: Develop a generic UI component to view graphical representation of Engineered Systems (Exalogic/Exadata/Big Data/etc.) in high fidelity and logically. Provide ability to perform Edit functionality, Display primary and secondary information, have ability to see single, double and multiple racks in the same interface and transition amongst them. The view should be visually of a high quality and should not compromise on the usability of the features. Also, generate high fidelity vector images for individual engineered system components and the rack.

My Role: Lead User Experience Designer

Process: Requirement gathering from various teams (one team per engineered system, total of 8 engineered systems, spread across 4 time zones) – Creating Use Case Document with the Product management and Development teams – Freeze the flow – Wireframes – Feedback/Reiterate – Click through Mockups – Presentation to stakeholders/Feedback/Reiterate – Customer Input/Reiterate – Pre-final set of mockup screens – Work with development team to ease implementation, make changes due to development constraints – Final set of Mockup Screens.

Outcome: A set of 75 high fidelity click through mockup screens represented through a story. Vector files for the generic UI components. This UI will be available in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Cloud Control product suite.