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Expose Multimedia on Feature Pages

Premise: There are multiple help videos and screen casts developed by Oracle Support available on youtube to help the end users learn about various features of the 4000+ page product called Enterprise Manager. The videos needed to be mapped to relevant feature pages in the product and a seamless UX was required to make them available through feature pages of the product. The project was requested by the VP of the company.

My Role: Lead User Experience Designer

Process: Create mapping of help videos with relevant feature pages (gather requirements from product managers) – Low fidelity mockups – Present to UX team – Feedback/Reiterate around accessibility – High Fidelity Interactive Prototypes – Present to Product Managers – Feedback/Reiterate – Final Interactive Prototype – Work with developer – Minor changes due to development constraints - Help various feature page teams implement the project.

Outcome: Interactive Prototype. Mapping of help videos to relevant feature pages.